Thank you for supporting at this level.

Welcome to our community Zoom calendar. Joining at this tier you gain access to every themed Zoom and every open topic Zoom on the calendar. Moderated by skilled volunteers of our community, we seek to create support and companionship through our healing and learning about ourselves. At this level you gain access to the themes that are so important as alternatives and support to the current offerings by industry.

We come from different backgrounds and beliefs so here, you will find an open hearted place where all are welcome and no belief or side or word is asked of you. No single healing modality or path is subscribed. This is a safe space for those who are using plants, mushrooms and all tools of healing. There are no rights and wrongs, we don’t discuss religion or cults or politics or conspiracy theories. This is a highly protected space. Of course our commonality is the amanita muscaria mushroom but she is the master of networking and love. Using amanita is not a necessary part of your participation here.