Thank you for supporting at this level.

This membership level invites you to attend any or all of the open topic Zooms our community offers. This is a good option for community for those who want to dip their toe in the waters.

We all need community and on this path of growth many of us have had to leave our community behind. It is important to connect to others who are learning and growing. Information and gatherings about the amanita muscaria are scarce. Join us to find others with the same questions and concerns you might have. In these zooms we discuss whatever topics come up. It is an open and loving space for all. There is no doctrine, belief system or construct required here. Everyone is welcome in whatever way they show up. You can keep your camera off and yourself on mute and just listen. Or you can jump into the conversation. Our skilled volunteers come with an amazing amount of compassion and love. Come as you are and find friends.

You will enjoy topics and posts by our volunteers and Dreamer sharing information, research and behind the scenes pictures and video. You will receive advanced inviations to Dreamer’s offerings and be invited to talks by industry guests.