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What Level Of Membership Is Right For You?

Tier 1

If you’re at the beginning of your journey, you may want to just dip your toe in the water. Join in on any or all of the open-topic community chats. Get to know the community and find others who are with you on this journey.

This is an open and loving space for all. There is no doctrine, belief system or construct required here. Everyone is welcome in whatever way they show up. You can keep your camera off and yourself on mute and just listen. Or you can jump into the conversation. Our skilled volunteers come with an amazing amount of compassion and love. Come as you are and find friends.

Tier 2

If you’re ready to go deeper on a particular topic, get access to the themed chats. Topics include entheogens, ADD/ADHD, Women’s Healing, Men’s Healing, Healing Workers, and Tea Ceremony. New themes are being added regularly. You can join all the chats, or just focus on areas of personal interest. Moderated by skilled volunteers, we seek to create support and companionship through our healing and learning about ourselves.

This level also includes a chat with Dreamer on the first Saturday of each month. This is the only guaranteed time on the calendar with Dreamer. Dreamer shares some inside information, behind the scenes of some of the websites, changes, her travels, the documentary, and might have special guests on from time to time. The members steer the ship of the discussions and we go where you want to go. All questions are welcome.

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