Hello and welcome to my very own patronage site!

Due to censorship I have finally made my way onto all private spaces and you found us. This site is much more versatile and I am so proud of it. I hope you look around and find a way to get involved in the community. I have created Zooms that are open for all members and some that have themes, like our Men’s and Women’s healing groups, our Advanced Entheogen group, or maybe check out our Tea Ceremony Zoom. As we go, I will be adding many more themed Zooms. We get into some really amazing conversations. I have personally met and made friends in these rooms, something I failed at before creating these spaces. I have created a way for you have a private one-on-one Zoom with me each month as well!

I made the Advanced Entheogens Zooms for those who are using entheogens in ways that are helping our lives. We talk about high dose experiences, the nature of reality, stacking, and whatever else we want. We use during our meeting if we want or not, whatever. We laugh a lot and share stories and just let the conversation go where it leads us.

In our Tea Ceremony, we use this time to slow down and take part in an age-old practice of using tea as medicine, tea as healing, tea as a meditative practice. I have a video on Tea Ceremonies if you want to watch that. It’s on the AmanitaDreamer.net site. We don’t necessarily mean using amanita in the tea, but you are welcome to. Any tea will do!

Our Women’s Healing group is a safe space where women can discuss healing from traumas that are uniquely experienced by women. We support each other in our journey, we talk about entheogens and how we have used amanita in our lives. This is a place where we can find other women using entheogens, amanita and maybe other spiritual practices on our paths to joy.

Our Men’s Healing group is a place for men to come discuss issues that are unique to men who are on a healing journey. Many spaces require dogmas and beliefs and in our daily lives we find people who just don’t allow for men to share and experience the world in an open vulnerable and emotional way. This group is for men to find shared experience, growth and harmony in a way that will help you feel less alone, more normal, and like you might actually be an enlightened growing human. You will discuss how society has limited you and forced you into very small spaces. Topics like healing, finding vulnerability, being spiritual, resentments, anger, healing, trust, openness, compassion, or whatever topic arises. These are sacred spaces where you can come as you are and find respect, love and healing.

Our community is full of neurodiverse folks. We have a Zoom for those who are ADD/ADHD. Some are using amanita successfully to treat some traits they find difficult to cope with. This Zoom is to find camaraderie with others sharing experiences unique to the ADD/ADHD community. We hope you enjoy it, learn a lot, and make new friends.

The Autism Zoom is for folks with a diagnosis, self diagnosed or who are wondering about it. We are using amanita and other entheogens to cope mostly with the anxiety that comes with being autistic in today’s world. We are open to all topics on autism and this is a great community to talk to other neurodiverse folks in a space where using drugs, entheogens, and topics that are normally taboo are welcome with compassion and non-judgement. The Autism Zoom will begin soon.

Thank you for being here. Your involvement is what makes this community what it is. When I first began on Patreon and started making a single Zoom a month, there were 4 of us. In just 2 years it has blossomed into what you find here today.

Welcome to our little home away from home. I look forward to seeing you online soon. I love you, beautiful person.

Amanita Dreamer

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