Are the Zoom’s recorded for later viewing?


The zooms are not recorded because these are just conversations not a workshop. I want every member to feel safe to show up and to discuss freely so they can get their needs met. I work hard to create a safe space and recording conversations makes it an unsafe space for many people. In addition to this, members are requested not to use any recording devices and to not discuss the meetings with others divulging any identifying information about other members.

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Can I change my membership?


Yes, you can upgrade or downgrade at any time. To modify your plan, make sure you are logged in and click on the person icon in the upper right hand side. Click on the SUBSCRIPTIONS tab on the page and click CHANGE PLAN. A pop-up box appears that lets you choose another plan. Note:  When you change your plan, your current payment will be prorated to the new plan. You may see X number of days free (which is your current payment) then $X per month (which is your new billing rate).  Your monthly billing date will change accordingly. [...]

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I forgot to ask a question at the Zoom session. Can I send a message to a Moderator?


Absolutely!  You can click here or you can click on Contact Us on the top menu bar and then click on the Messaging link beneath REACH A MODERATOR.  The Message Box will show if you have any new or unread message.To create a new message, click the New Message button. You can type in the name of the Moderator or click the box "Send Message to Moderator" and check off the Mods name.  Enter a subject and message and hit Send.  You'll see a message that the Message was successfully sent.

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Can I cancel my membership


Yes, of course, you can always cancel your membership and sign up again at a later time. To cancel, click on MY ACCOUNT in the top menu on the right side. Click on the SUBSCRIPTIONS tab on the page and look for the CANCEL option on the right. Click that and then confirm that you want to cancel your membership. You will receive an email confirming that your subscription has been cancelled. If you do not receive that email, please check your Spam folder. You will still have access to the site until the end of your month at [...]

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Is this a safe space?


That is my number one purpose for creating this. These are the rules for our community https://community.mushroomvoice.com/community-guidelines/

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How Does The Site Work?


Once you are a member the Events Description tab will show you what zooms are coming up. If you want to join a Zoom go to the Zoom Links tab for the link. To learn more about the moderators go to the Meet The Team tab.

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