In my childhood, in Eastern Europe, I always felt a certain connection to the beauty of nature. Since I was a kid, my grandparents used to teach me how to connect to nature and its cycles, how to correctly forage plants and berries at the right times, as well as how to grow them. They used to bring me to the wild fields, lakes and rivers; but the forest was the most magical and breathtaking of all. A place I keep coming back to. Mushroom hunting in the Birch and Pine forests was the most exciting and pure joy when I found them.

As a teenager, I was always curious and asked many questions about life, relationships, and my place in the universe. I often felt very alone on my path of discoveries of life and my role in it. Soul searching, I discovered Plant Medicines and they changed my life tremendously by helping me be the best version of myself. One of them is a wonderful ancient medicine and profound teacher; Amanita Muscaria. Getting to know her left me with happiness and appreciation that I wanted to share with others.

Discovering who I am as an adult still continues, and I feel I now have support and guidance from many Plant Spirits but have really been drawn to the Amanita mushroom. I feel very fortunate and blessed to hear their voices, access their deep intelligence, and carry their wisdom. Discovering people that share the path led me to a community of wonderful and encouraging souls that I call my family, my tribe.

As a Psychedelic Integration coach, I help people to prepare for their entheogenic journeys and integrate all information and insights they receive. It is my honor to share knowledge and provide the tools and techniques I learned over the years from shamans and spiritual teachers around the world, and from my personal medicine journeys over the last 15 years. My deepest wish is to know myself and help others to Remember Who They Truly Are.

I am the cause of all actions,
I AM the answer to all questions.