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Many of us on this journey have had to leave places and people who were close to us. A lot of us lost some friends and family along the way. As we move through this process we wind up realizing that the way we saw the world, the things we thought were true and beliefs we had, all changed.

Sometimes it’s hard to feel that alone. Sometimes we wonder if we are crazy or if we are just never going to fit in anywhere again. This is why I made this community. It can be hard to find others who use entheogens, or who are experiencing challenging world views, or who are undergoing massive shifts and changes.

If you look at the calendar here, you will see Zoom meetings that are open for all and some that have themes. We will continue to grow this community so that we all have others we hang out with who are always there each day. I look forward to seeing you in our Zooms. Look around at the moderator page and see who they are, look at the descriptions of the Zooms and see which ones you might like to attend. I love you beautiful people! I look forward to meeting you.

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